Continuïteit in uitvoering en verbetering biedt zekerheid voor onze klanten

Als leverancier van ICT oplossingen is het belangrijk om een service relatie te onderhouden met je opdrachtgever. Daarom is een onderhoudsovereenkomst de basis van onze werkzaamheden.   

Projecten zijn in onderdeel van de BMA - Basis Management Agreement. De mate van service wordt flexibel ingevuld en wij kunnen ook mee investeren bij klanten. Onze services zijn modulair opgebouwd en een initiële BMA kan worden aangevuld met nieuwe LogicQ services. 





System maintenance

It may be that it is economically unwise within your organization to hire one or more permanent system administrators.
 In that case, with our service subscription, on a fixed and on-call basis, you can receive support from our professionals on location within four hours, depending on the chosen Service Level Agreement (SLA). A frequently heard complaint is that when an incident occurs, a system administrator is not immediately available for various reasons. With a LogicQ system manager you will not experience this problem. Depending on the subscription you take out, it is possible to schedule fixed days for maintenance. In the event of an emergency, a system administrator will be on site within 1 hour. With the service subscription you are therefore assured of optimal continuity of your organization. You can engage LogicQ system administrators for the most diverse IT projects and maintenance work. This includes maintaining your ICT infrastructure, including workstations, servers and peripherals. In addition, we offer support to your employees.

Help desk and support

  A support agreement is extremely valuable to customers, especially during the initial phase of CRM/ERP projects. Fast access to the right specialists means that any unforeseen issues are quickly resolved and questions are answered. A special central hotline telephone number is available for this purpose. In principle, support is provided in Dutch, English or German, via email, web or telephone.